We build websites with the world’s most popular Content Management System : WordPress.

What is WordPress?

WordPress powers millions, yes millions of websites the world over. It is highly supported and has hundreds of developers working on it.  It manages your website content, how it is structured and how it operates. It makes managing your site, adding more pages, images and other content quickly and professionally.

Why do we prefer to use WordPress?

WordPress is constantly keeping pace with technological innovation and often leads the field in web technologies which means your website will always be ready for important changes as and when necessary.

WordPress is highly Search Engine Optimised – that means Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on love indexing websites that run on WordPress. The advantage for you is that your website is more likely to be found more often, and quicker too. This is a fantastic grounding to start your website on, and makes our SEO work much more effective as a result.

This is why we build most of our clients websites upon the WordPress platform – including this one!

What kind of websites can be built with WordPress?

The list of possibilities is almost endless! Via “plugins” additional functionality can be added to your website enabling numerous features and functions. This means we can build a customised website for you, with all the features you want it to have, the visual impact to engage with your audience and non of the restrictions that hinder websites built with other system or by other methods.

  • eCommerce – sell your products online
  • Brochure site or online catalogue
  • Social Network
  • Forum
  • Photography Gallery
  • Corporate Website
  • Magazine
  • Community Website
  • …and so much more…


With WordPress in use by millions of websites all over the world, it is highly likely you have already seen many examples of what is possible. Some of these sites may be amongst your favourites. So our job isnt to show off WordPress websites to you – they do that all by themselves. Our job is to build a custom website for you – and make it your favourite!

We know you’d like to see examples of our work so please feel free to browse our Gallery