Our websites are built with the future in mind

Village Cat builds Websites that are managed by a backoffice system known as a Content Management System, or CMS for short. We choose a CMS that fits the role, and some are flexible enough to be right for many roles. Village Cat Web Design base most of their clients websites on WordPress, Joomla! or Prestashop, and by far the most popular of these is WordPress. We don’t use website builder packages because they are just too limited for the task. Of course, back in the early days we would hand-code our websites using notepad and HTML, but these days clients like to have access and control of their websites themselves, so what better than an easy to use system that’s intuitive and as straightforward as PowerPoint or Word.

There are numerous good reasons for using a CMS. We build with the future in mind, with regular updates being part of the package. This is something that sets us apart from other web design agencies. Unlike other website creators we make no secret of the CMS platforms we use, because we have nothing to hide. Our expertise, and the reason your might hire us to design a website for you, is in understanding your business and what you want your new website to do for you. Bringing together the content, the images, the functionality and features. This is all time consuming stuff of course and could easily take over many hours or days of your time, time you could put to better use than playing with web design! Let us take the strain, we have a lot of experience and can rapidly get the development work underway and your site live quickly.

The major aspect you would usually hire a web designer for is the much misunderstood and highly mysterious Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is important to the search engines and helps them and their users, those people looking for the products and services your company provides, to find you easily and hopefully you in preference to your competitors. Notice we don’t make false promises or try and hoodwink you into spending huge sums … neither are necessary and while this kind of thing is common place in the web design / SEO industry, we don’t subscribe to that way of working and that’s why We Are Different.

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