Why a mobile friendly website is crucial to your business

Are you Mobile Friendly?


Like it or not, the most popular search engine in use today is Google. It comes as no surprise then, we design websites which are favoured by Google and this reflects in the Search Engine Results achieved. What this means to you is your website will rank well for the keywords you have chosen to promote with, and to your potential customers it means your website is likely to come up as a result when they are searching for products or services you sell or can provide.

So far, so good.

With the arrival of smart phones and tablet computers, users were no longer tethered to their desktops and so mobile browsing, and search was born. It comes as no surprise then when the dramatic rise of internet users are now mobile and their usage is increasing exponentially to such an extent it can no longer be ignored. Google know this all too well and have been encouraging web designers to build sites that are technically known as “responsive” – adaptable to a range of devices such as those ubiquitous smart phones and tablets as well as traditional laptops and desktops. Those websites designed in this way, with suitable content, are deemed “mobile friendly”.

Why should this matter to you?


Well, because just two weeks ago Google changed the way they rank and display websites to favour mobile friendly sites over those not designed to be. From then on the changes were dramatic with some big name sites almost disappearing from view, at least certainly from those all-important first few results pages. Disastrous for eCommerce certainly! For some this became known as “mobilegeddon” such was the dramatic impact. So it makes perfect sense in a world with less boundaries and technology enabling eCommerce on the move any website should be built with ALL devices in mind, mobiles of course but tablets too.

How can I tell if my website is Mobile Friendly?

Google have provided an easy to use tool, here:

What If my site isn’t Mobile Friendly? What can I do? Can you help?

75-percent-of-mobile-users-revisit-mobile-friendly-sitesCertainly! First, do not panic. Second, do not worry about huge costs – it may be your existing  site can be easily converted or rebuilt. We can help, Contact us for details.




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