Email Marketing

Reach your audience with maximum results

Create professional-looking email campaigns without needing to know any code with our Email
Marketing software. Produce targeted subscriber lists, create responsive and dynamic emails,
integrate your social media notifications, and track the results in an easy-to-use fully-hosted

In just five easy steps:

  • Collect – Gather information on your audience and get their consent to stay in contact
  • Create – Design engaging and relevant messages that appeal to your subscribers
  • Send – Deliver the message to the right audience at exactly the right time
  • Share – Leverage social media to let an even wider audience spread your message
  • Analyse – Measure the results to continually improve your campaigns


Features Overview:


Base  Pro
 Subscribers  Up to 200  Up to 10,000*
 Emails  2,000  Unlimited
 Responsive templates   50+   50+
 Mailing lists  2 10
 Social media tools      
 WordPress plug-in      
 Spam checks      
 Real-time analytics      
 Dynamic content      
 A/B Split testing      

Easy Interface
Build emails, organise lists, and review
campaigns in our intuitive and easy to
understand interface.
Create professional-looking emails that work
across many platforms without needing to
know any code.
Dynamic Content
Tailor your emails directly to your customers
without having to create and send different
Social Media Integration
Keep your Facebook and Twitter contacts
informed about your latest email campaign or
schedule regular tweets and posts.
Real-Time Analytics
Track your campaign’s successes, as well as
reader sharing, tracked goals, and
Thorough Testing
Each email is checked for possible spam issues
before sent, and email inbox testing shows you
how it will appear on different systems.
Convenient Plug-Ins
Integrate your sales and CRM packages through
our open API or our Salesforce and WordPress
Market Automation
Create one-on-one campaigns without needing
to manage the data and manually send emails.
Create automated emails based on their
What are the advantages of using our Email Marketing system?
Market Leading Software: With our Email Marketing, you can ensure the best return on
investment with complete control over the design of your emails, advanced audience
segmentation for precision targeting, and detailed engagement reports for convenient
Value for Money: Our solution allows you to take an email campaign from concept to
conversion in just a few simple steps, helping you to get the highest return on investment.
We Put You in Control: With our drag-and-drop functionality, you can easily create
professional-looking emails that look good on all platforms. Use our templates or create
your own, upload videos, link in audience, video, and more!
A Service that Grows with You: As your audience increases, your email marketing can do so
as well. Our flexible packages let you increase the number of emails as your subscription
you send.